Scam on the Rise - Project SCAM


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October 9, 2021 - San Francisco which offers features: FREE TRIAL, is a SCAM.


Beware of entering your credit card. Once it is captured, you will start losing money because you can not cancel. It keeps on coming back. Many had been scammed. Don't be next.

Many are victimized which are automatically siphoned and credited to their accounts. These peoples are leeches to other companies.

Your credit card is captured will be charged monthly without notice! Month after a month until you noticed, without messages, until you noticed and complain. Nothing is done, only that you lost your money, no refund, no nothing... That's how these scammers make money.

Companies even after several attempts to communicate nothing is resolved. one complainant feels this kind of Modus Operandus is not fair and falls nothing less than SCAM.

A campaign to battle this is underway and a class action will be filed soon. Banks and credit card companies are notified to cooperate.

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