Philippines Holds Historic Ground-Breaking


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March 5, 2021 - Laoag City, Philippines -
A Historic Ground-Breaking project made a milestone in the northern Philippines as a member company of the Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC) took a leap of an economic breakthrough in Laoag City, Philippines.

GECC's Dantru Development Corporation, in partnership with the Archdiocese of Laoag, held this historic occasion at Saint William Cathedral Compound in Laoag Metropolis, Ilocos Norteof the Philippines last February 10, 2021, in the presence of provincial and city government officers, spiritual and group leaders and other stakeholders.

Dantru Development Corporation Board of Directors envisioned a turn-out of financial pageantry in the metropolis with the Archdiocese of Laoag within the years to come by developing a hotel, medical arts building, and commercial center which will be dubbed as: " San Guillermo Commercial Plaza Project ".

The groundbreaking was held in lieu of the 50th Anniversary of the Saint William Cathedral and the Launching of the 500th Year of Christianity in the Philippines. Bishop Renato Mayugba, DD welcomed the opportunity for Ilocos Norte as it improves the economy of the region.

Dantru Development Corporation CEO, Floriendelyn L. Sibonga ( Ren ) is optimistic that this project will change the economic landscape of Ilocos region. Bishop Renato Mayugba, DD, on the other hand, is excited to see these projects happening soon.

As of press time, the executives of Dantru Development Corporation welcomed other investors to collaborate in this great corporate venture while Sibonga and Bishop Mayugba shook hands with each other after the ceremonial shoveling of the ground site of said projects.

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