Philippines' Dantru Development Corporation Presents its Roosters of Directors


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Board Directors of Dantru Development Corporation strike a pose at the Laoag Cathedral during the groundbreaking of the San Guillermo Complex.

March 5, 2021 - Laoag City, Philippines - A member company of the Global European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines sets a milestone in the corporate world by placing a wide array of experts and specialists in the Board of Directors, serving as a think-tank and governing body as incorporators.

Dantru Development Corporation, a Construction, Development, Designing, Investment, and Trading Firm, prides itself on these 5 individuals who are going to run and lead the company to much greater heights, proven and tested by their long years of experiences, integrity in their profession and track record in their own field of interests.

ENGR. FLORIENDELYN L. SIBONGA is the Chief Executive Officer, who has almost 20 years of working experience in electrical installation, maintenance, designing, and fabrication works in different multi-national companies in the Philippines as Project Supervisor and General Manager of his own company, Dantru Enterprises.

ARSENIO R. ROBLEDO, JR. is the Director, Projects, and Procurement, who has 30 years of track record as Project Manager, International Trainer and Executive of several international and multi-national companies specializing in Project Management, Construction, Procurement and other technical functions in the corporate realm.

NOUBIKKO P. ULANDAY is the Finance and Investment Director, who has 29 years of corporate management and investment work as Chief Executive Officer of RP Connect, a network that creates investment-technology collaboration with different companies throughout the world.

Noubikko is a Jesuit-trained professional with two Master's degrees in Corporate Management and Investment from universities in the United States.

RALPH OSCAR C. BAGABOYBOY is the Director, Administration, and Corporate Secretary, who has more than 20 years of exposure and experiences as Founder of several socio-civic programs and organizations, Book author, Management Consultant of different companies, Public speaker in the Philippines and abroad.

Bagaboyboy is also an editor of several publication materials, an educator having taught preschool to college and became University Dean and Administrator. Ralph also became part of the Ambassadorship program of the PEACETECH Embassy of the UNICEF that facilitated peace talks, dialogues, and fact-finding works, in partnership with few foreign embassies and international groups.

RITA A. SIBONGA is the Director, Properties, and Marketing, who has almost 15 years of experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing with different companies and is passionate about creating talents, resource production, and sales growth, making her obtained several certificates in this particular field of undertaking.

With these 5 minds working as one in the Board, Dantru Development Corporation will have a long way to go as it embarks on more ambitious, meaningful, and productive projects in the Philippines to serve humanity and to honor God, above all.


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