Noubikko Poised to Recapture Market After the Pandemic

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San Diego, California - July 22, 2022 - During the lockdown, Noubikko’s fashion business was like a TV remote control on pause mode. Though he takes on the role of introducing how to face the future head-on to beat future challenges, his flexibility was challenged. The pandemic is a reality that is not just watching your savings go up in the air, he said.

For over a decade since he started designing for Ms. Czech and Miss Poland for Miss Universe Pageant, and Czech celebrities and Figure Skating Team, Noubikko is glad that he is underpinned by his established framework of royalty revenues. He believes that his experience recaptures opportunities from a long list of companies that he successfully worked with in the past.

Noubikko has survived 2 recessions, one in the 1990s and 2000. He will survive this 2022 again and he will emerge with new and fresh sustainable brilliant ideas. While the financial crisis caused by COVID-19 highlighted vulnerable our sustainability in a split of time, we have more time to think about what’s best. Entrepreneurs in us will soar to navigate sustainability during turbulent times.

Even Noubikko as the emerging toss of the European fashion world, he is is gearing up to reemerge in 2023.