Noubikko Collection to Hit Cannes, France 2023

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Prague, Czech Republic (July 24, 2003) -

Bienvenue à Cannes Noubikko! City fashion aficionados brace to usher American couturier Noubikko for his 2023 Men's Collection in the city of the well-regarded Cannes Film Festival

Noubikko, credited for his fabulous designs for Miss Universe and Miss International Pageants had been principally based in the US and in Prague for nearly two decades, would be his first in the famed cities of Monaco and Cannes.

" I feel excited and happy", beams Noubikko who had frequented the south of France for years, but had formally introduced his creations not until lately.

"It's like a challenging adventure, after a long lockdown during the pandemic. It comes in a time when the fashion world has emerged into a new era", he said.

Asked about what attracted him to Cannes, he said hailed the city's unique arts landscape and "the strong sense of fashion" of its people.

His exclusive Men's Collection will feature custom-made men's shirts and suits, a lot of them made by hand, one-of-a-kind men's jackets which were made from finest materials - a trademark which Noubikko had been noted for. Suits prices start at $ 2200 per piece.

"Men in vogue will definitely like my collection, Noubikko said. His distributor fashion literati himself, Franceso Izumi agrees: "It is a velvet marriage between American fashion and French modern savor", he added.

It's worth all the excitement and waits for sure. (JBJ)