Hofilena Blurs the Line between Modern and Renaissance.


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April 28, 2011 – Prague, Czech Republic

The world of architecture has its own evolution and the pandemic era had created its own interpretation. And, some define its combination in its finest form.

Hofilena makes statements as he blurs the line between modern and renaissance. His name is Architect Rex Hofilena.

Architect Rex Hofilena

To understand Rex is to know the persona behind him. Hofilena is a soft-spoken architect who emerges silently with his wide ideas that are loud enough to make a statement. He can incorporate almost everything in the world of architecture. Including all that we learned in this pandemic era -- something nobody wants to discuss and everyone wants to forget when it is all over.

Hofilena brings us a message that architect is composed of hope, full of love that naturally highlights every aspect of how we understand architecture.

Among Hofilena's design is the San Guillermo Complex, chosen by Noubikko as his litmus paradigm pandemic-driven business concept, and a perfect example of reality where architectures and artists have evolved to be more creative, and even more beyond which will only settle for one which belongs to time.

The San Guillermo iconic-clad structure that features a renaissance will light up at night to celebrate the building views from across the city. It is a design that will be “distinctive’ on the skyline fitted to be the crown of the city.

Hofilena's architectural concept for San Guillermo is made by an urbanism vision that he has developed to positively respond to the challenges of biodiversity and ensures arts' usefulness to glow harmoniously and resonate across society. He created the connective threads of common style through the immersive design process, and then brought them together with an ethos that is woven through every aspect of the Filipino heritage.

... Its actually what the Investors a looking for.