Demands for Citronella Oil is Up the Chart

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Paris, France (July 19, 2022) -

Demands for Citronella is up the chart as the most in-demand essential oil in the market. According to the report caused by climate change that made the agricultural landscape.

Though originally a native to the South East tropical region, Citronella, known for its fragrance and therapeutic properties, had now become one of the most popular essential oils in the world market today. It is widely used as an essential element in the manufacture of many products in aroma therapy, perfumery, cosmetics, and beauty care.

The pure high-grade oil, grown, processed, and distilled in the Philippines, is expected to be a good grab for the essential oil industry and perfume manufacturers for scented candles, potpourri, personal care, and cosmetic product makers.

RPConnect's CEO, Noubikko, and his partner in the Philippines who deals with cooperative farming, Carmen Romana Mangaoang had established relationships with Kiador Paris and Atemadi, and L'Oreal for wholesale distribution of its oil extract for overseas marketing. It soon will be at hand for major cosmetic companies and distributors in Paris and other parts of Europe.

In conjunction with its economic pursuits, RPConnect and Ms. Mangaoang's Cooperative Partners had invested in the plantation in Asia. Nursed in a blend of unique plantation soil components, their Citronella yield extraordinary extracts that surely would be a standout in the market, experts observed.

The quality test shall be done to re-affirm its consistency and purity ensuring its competitiveness in the market, company officials say. And RPConnect marketing team has guaranteed its quality through several tests done in France.