6 Essential Rules Every Catholic Man Should Live By


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“I will worry, love and honor God above all others, even at the cost of my own life.” The early Church was filled with martyrs. These men didn’t simply hand over their lives for Christ, they confronted their demise with courage and — typically — even jokes! It is stated that as St. Lawrence was being roasted to demise on an iron grill, he teasingly advised his torturers, “I am accomplished on this aspect, turn me over.” Christ was so actual to the early Christians that they counted dying as nothing as long as they could possibly be with Him. You could not need to die on your faith. But you might endure from “tender martyrdom,” reminiscent of dropping buddies over your beliefs. The phrase “martyr” means “witness.” By holding true to Christ’s teachings, you're witnessing to a better order of values. The submit 6 Essential Rules Every Catholic Man Ought to Stay By appeared first on The Catholic Gentleman.